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TJC Prepublication Standards

The Joint Commission has announced prepublication standards that are to be effective January 1, 2020. This announcement can be found at:

In summary:

LS.01.01.01 standard which is applicable to hospital, critical access hospital, and ambulatory health care programs, emphasizes that the organization must maintain current basic building information (BBI) such as square footage within the statement of conditions (SOC).

HR.01.05.03 is a standard that addresses fluroscopy staff training for dose optimization in adult and pediatric populations. This standard has been deleted from the hospital, critical access hospital, critical access hospital, ambulatory health care and office-based surgery.

Lastly, standard MM.09.01.03 is introduced to the ambulatory setting to address elements of antimicrobial stewardship. There are also 5 new elements established with this new standard:

1) Identifying an antimicrobial stewardship leader,

2) Establishing an annual antimicrobial stewardship goal,

3) Implementing evidence-based practice guidelines related to the antimicrobial stewardship goal,

4) Providing clinical staff with educational resources related to the antimicrobial stewardship goal, and

5) Collecting, analyzing, and reporting data related to the antimicrobial stewardship goal.

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