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New Perioperative Managers and Accreditation

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Are you new to the perioperative management role? Trying to get yourself organized, but there's an accreditation survey on the horizon? What's your next step? Here are a few basics to get you started:

1) Gather your regulations, guidelines and standards - The basic foundation for your practice should be an evidence-based guideline. You will need to review applicable federal and state as well as your system or facility guidelines for areas such as surgery, anesthesia and nursing.

2) Review of your policies - Engage your staff! Who else would be better to review and inform you of what current practices are? It will aid your staff Knowledge of what the policy contains. Have staff members discuss the policy, or an excerpt of the policy, at morning huddle or a staff meeting.

3) Evaluate competencies - Look at what current competencies are documented for various job descriptions. Are they appropriate for the job? Do the competencies reflect demonstrated or observed skills? Review competencies to see if they are in alignment with instructions for use (IFUs).

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